Silently Install Flash Player (Adobe Zero-Day Patch)

UPDATE: If you are using Flash Player or LOWER, it is advisable that you upgrade to the latest version now ( See the video below for more information on how to silently install Flash player.

flash-zeroToday Adobe released a critical update for Flash Player. This patch fixes a Zero Day vulnerability that is being actively exploited. This patch comes on the heels of the most recent Flash patch that was released just over one week ago. The new patch has a version To verify if you have the proper Flash for your browser you can simply go to this Adobe page.

You can use PDQ Deploy to silently install Flash player on your Windows computers on your network.

There are three available Adobe Flash packages in PDQ Deploy.

Adobe Flash: This package is intended for browsers that use plugin based browsers such as Firefox.

Adobe Flash for IE: This package is intended for Internet Explorer (except for Windows 8.x machines)

Adobe Flash (All IE): All supported versions of Windows and IE. (Requires active PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise license)

For PDQ Deploy Enterprise mode customers using Auto Deployment this version will be attached to your Auto Deployments based on your approval settings or when you manually approve the new version.

**PDQ Deploy does not work on Home versions of Windows**

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