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Deploy Java 8 Update 40 To All Windows Computers

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

Oracle has issued a surprise update to Java 8. Oracle generally sticks to its scheduled release dates (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) however they released a “Limited Update” on March 3rd. As always, you can deploy Java 8 Update 40 from the PDQ Deploy Package Library.

As usual, there are two available packages for each 32 and 64-bit versions of Java. Only deploy the “ALTERNATE” packages to target computers that have issues with the regular Java 8 package.


Oracle definitely recommends updating your existing Java 8 installations with the latest update.

Also remember that you generally only want to deploy the 64-bit Java package to computers that run 64-bit browsers. Most 64-bit computers still run 32-bit browsers (thus the 32-bit version of Java is preferred).

*Video shows silently installing Java 8 Update 31, the steps for Update 40 are the same.

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