Which computers are missing Microsoft Office?

We hear variations of this question quite often. Sys Admins write in and say something like “Hey, it’s great that I can see what applications are installed but how can I find the computers that are missing certain applications?”

This is a valid question and, good news, you can, most likely, have it answered quickly and for free. PDQ Inventory Collections are a great way to organize your office computers by which software is or ISN’T installed. 

Let’s take Microsoft Office. Out of the box PDQ Inventory has a collection called Systems with Microsoft Office. Under this collection exist 3 child (or Sub) collections. The parent collection (Systems with Microsoft Office) has a simple filter. Show all computers that have an application containing Microsoft Office in the name. (OK, it’s a tad smarter than that, but I’ll get into the specifics of the filter later). Each child collection has a filter which identifies even more specifically as to whether the computers have 2003, 2007 or 2010 versions of Microsoft Office. That is all fine and good but let’s take this a little farther and identify computers missing Office.

There are two excellent ways to do this. One is slightly more intuitive so we’ll discuss this method today.

Since we already have a Collection which already identifies which systems have Microsoft Office you can build a collection which effectively says “show me computers that aren’t in the collection called “Systems with Microsoft Office”. Let’s use the following steps:

  • Create a Dynamic Collection called “Systems missing Microsoft Office”
  • Add a filter type of Collection and specify that any computer cannot be a member of the collection “Systems with Microsoft Office”
  • Save it and look at the results. Wait… We don’t care about Servers since they will never have Office installed. So let’s define another filter to strip out servers. 
  • Edit the Collection and add a new Operating System filter (click the blue + icon to add a new filter) where the OS Name does not contain the word “server”. Let’s also add a Never Scanned is False filter to strip out any computer from showing up which has never had an inventory scan.
blog spc 20120123 2 New Collection

Here is a video showing how to create this collection.

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