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Finding Windows Services running under certain accounts.

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

Find services that use old passwords

Situation: Your Active Directory password needs to be changed for an account that is used to run different services across your domain.

Problem: If any of these services attempt to start up using old credentials your account will be locked out (not to mention the service wouldn't start)

Solution: Use PDQ Inventory (get it here) to find these computers and services so that you can set the new service password.

Let's create a new report. Add the columns shown in the image below.

After you select the columns you want shown go to the Filters tab and add the filter shown below.

Run the report. Make sure your Collection Source is set to the correct Collection. In this case I chose the All Computers collection. To choose your Collection Source click the Collection Source button.

As you can see I have two computers that are running Services using the account al.swearengen. I now know where I can go to update the account password for those services.

Lex walks you through creating a report like this.

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