Silently Installing Adobe Flash


What do I need PDQ for? Those were the words I uttered when my school district wanted me to try out PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory back in 2012. It wasn’t long when the phone rang and a teacher down the hall said, “My students can’t get on their favorite website because Adobe Flash is out of date.” Uuugh! I spent a week making that image and there’s already an update? I don’t have time for this.

Silently Installing Adobe Flash

At this point I decided to give PDQ Deploy a try. A few clicks later and I was silently deploying Adobe Flash to that entire classroom’s computers in just four steps.

  1. Searching for Adobe Flash in the Package Library and sure enough, same-day as the new release: a silently installing deployment of the latest Flash is all ready to go. Click Import.
  2. Highlight the imported package in the left pane and click the Deploy button in the right corner.
  3. Choose targets from PDQ Inventory. Select the collection Adobe Flash (Old) and click OK.
  4. Hit Deploy

Try PDQ Deploy

Choosing Targets from PDQ Inventory

I started up PDQ Inventory, added her student’s computers by going to Computer>Add Computers, and did a quick scan. Less than a minute later I could see what programs and versions were installed. That’s kind of cool. Makes it a lot easier than guessing (like normal) or going machine to machine. 

After running a scan, you can easily see which computers need the latest version of Adobe Flash using pre-built and frequently updated filters that sort computers into collections. (See how to get started with PDQ Inventory.)

Try PDQ Inventory

Within two minutes that same teacher called back and said, “Never mind. The new version installed by itself and my kids are ready to go.” I felt like Oz behind the curtain.

I never looked back. PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy are the most useful tools I’ve ever used as a sys admin and I’m not just saying that because they gave me a job. The feedback and real world experience that our customers give us help shape our products and give you the most affordable and powerful tools you’ll ever need.

I look forward to sharing my stories of success with you.