Install Java Silently | Java 6 update 23

What a difference one point update can make. Looks like Oracle has changed up the deploy method a little for it’s most recent version of Java 6 (update 23). – (see installing Java video)

(We have a blog/video showing the installation for update 22, but the process has changed, so here are the updated instructions.)

First, obtain your Java executable from Oracle. We suggest getting the offline version.

PDQ11 Java download


After you’ve downloaded the update, double-click on it as though you were going to install manually (don’t worry, you’re not going to install it).

A dialog will open that looks similar to (or exactly like) this:

PDQ11 New Java Dialog

At this point you need to ignore this window. Don’t click Cancel and don’t click Install. Instead, open a new window (or open Start>Run) and navigate to the following directory:


(If you’re not familiar with the \..\ in the path, that simply backs your path up by one directory. So we’re essentially going one directory above %LOCALAPPDATA% and then jumping into the sub-directory named LocalLow.)


When you double-clicked on the installer .exe the Sun directory you see here was created. The .msi and associated files were extracted. It’s these files that you need to install Java 6 u_23 silently.

Navigate into Sun until you hit the data files.

PDQ11 Sun dir

At this point you can move the files to a network share or you can simply deploy from here.

To deploy Java 6 Update 23 using PDQ Deploy (our free software deployment tool), open the PDQ Deploy Console.

Create a new installer, and give it a name. (I used Java 6 Update 23).

Navigate to your java .msi and be sure to check “Include Entire Directory” since this installation will require the other files in that directory.

Install Java 1.6.0_23 silently

After you create your deployment, you can then select your targets for installation and deploy.

NOTE: According to Oracle, Java update 23 does not contain any security fixes, so you may wish to evaluate whether or not you need this update. Version 1.6_22 is the most recent update with security fixes.

Hope this helps. Thanks to user Michael O. for letting us know that the steps for installation had changed from the most recent update.