How to create software inventory reports with PDQ Inventory

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Shane Corellian|Updated May 12, 2021
Inventory Installed Software with the free PDQ Inventory
Inventory Installed Software with the free PDQ Inventory
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    Our bosses questions seem to be played on a bad repeat cycle. It reminds me of those 80’s DJ’s who would fall asleep on the graveyard shift thus keeping WHAM and Men Without Hats playing in a loop. Well, not so much a “loop” but a spiral down the toilet that inevitably ended up as an inner circle in some feces-splattered music hell.

    That is how we can all feel with the same questions from our bosses. Here is a question that I have heard in varying forms over the years:

    1. How many computers have Microsoft Office? And don’t just tell me, send me a report!

    Well, this question is easy enough to answer by simply opening up PDQ Inventory and highlighting the Systems With Microsoft Office collection.

    OK, we can send our boss a screenshot but that will only piss him off. Let’s create a report. Watch this video to see how we create a very simple report in PDQ Inventory.


    There you have it. Reporting your Inventory is simple, powerful and in many ways, it’s free. And it doesn’t stop here… you should be thinking, “hey, I need to deploy Microsoft Office to all of my computers. Well, with PDQ Deploy, we gotcha covered. Check out Shawn’s blog about deploying Office 2010.

    So pull up those trousers or gird up your loins or whatever you do to dramatically announce that you’re about to do something important and get down to creating some reports in PDQ Inventory. You’ll thank me.

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    Shane Corellian

    Shane is the co-founder of PDQ.

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