Announcing PDQ Deploy beta

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Shawn Anderson|June 7, 2010
It’s all about Software Deployment: Announcing beta of PDQ Deploy
It’s all about Software Deployment: Announcing beta of PDQ Deploy

We are pleased to announce the beta test for our newest product, PDQ Deploy. An advanced companion product, PDQ Deploy Pro, is tentatively scheduled to start beta in July 2010.

As we’ve learned over the past three years, most of our customers use Admin Arsenal to remotely install software to all of their computers. By far and away the most common enhancement requests center around software deployment. We’ve listened and we are excited about the results. 

PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy provides a fast, easy way to meet your basic software deployment needs.  And it’s FREE!  With PDQ Deploy you can:

  • Deploy MSI, MSP, MSU, EXE and Batch installers

  • Use with or without Active Directory

  • Deploy to multiple computers at the same time

  • Use different authentication for different deployments

  • Save installations for future use

  • Troubleshoot failed deployments

PDQ Deploy Pro

A more advanced and complete software deployment tool, PDQ Deploy Pro includes everything above, plus it allows you to:

  • Schedule deployments

  • Repeat deployments on a regular schedule

  • Share deployments between users

  • Receive e-mail notifications of completed jobs

  • Configure number of simultaneous deployments


What’s going to happen with Admin Arsenal, the product?

It’s still here. It’s supported and is a great way to enhance your IT toolset. For those who need software and hardware reporting, monitoring, and remote commands, Admin Arsenal is still here for you.

What’s different about software deployment in Admin Arsenal vs. PDQ Deploy?

A lot, actually. PDQ Deploy does not require Active Directory, and it’s solely a tool for deploying software remotely. Since it only does deployment you will see future releases coming in shorter intervals.

Why will PDQ Deploy be free?

A no-cost product allows us to get it into the hands of more people, faster.

Why use PDQ Deploy Pro?

Some administrators will be happy with the basic free version (PDQ Deploy), while others will see the benefit of scheduled deployments, multi-user ability, and more control over the configuration that PDQ Deploy Pro provides.

When will these products be available?

We plan on starting beta testing of PDQ Deploy in June, 2010, and PDQ Deploy Pro in July. 

How can I participate in the beta?

You may request to become a PDQ Deploy beta tester here.  

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company ShawnA
Shawn Anderson

Shawn is the co-founder of PDQ.

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