Install Java Silently (Version 7 Update 67)

java_logo_1An out of cycle release for Java 7 (update 67) has just been reported. You can install Java silently by creating your own Java deployment package. You can see the full steps needed to create your own Java package in this post, otherwise below is the quick and dirty how-to for installing Java silently.

1. Have PDQ Deploy Free mode downloaded and configured.

2. Manually download the offline version of Java. It will download as an EXE which you can deploy, however for more features run the MSI directly. To do this, open the EXE (which will open up the install wizard) do not proceed through the wizard, simply opening it extracts the MSI files for you.

Go directly to %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Sun\Java and copy either folder jre1.7.0_55 or jre1.8.0_05 (depending on which version you want to deploy) to your PDQ repository (or you may copy it to any other location on your computer, just don’t leave it in the LocalLow directory). This folder contains all you need (MSI’s and CAB files) for a silent installation.

3. Create a new package in PDQ Deploy with an install step. There are three fields to pay attention to:

  • Install File: This field is where you point the package to the MSI file
  • Include Entire Directory: Make sure this box is checked 
  • Parameters: Here’s where you’ll make your install perfectly silent. Enter the following: JU=0 JAVAUPDATE=0 RebootYesNo=No


Click here for an in-depth tutorial on successfully deploying Java silently.

The Easy Way to Silently Install Java

You can also complete an unattended Java install with PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise mode. During a 14 day free trial you may select up to three packages to deploy from the package library for deployment. Package Library Java packages are pre-built for a silent install, all that you have to do is send it out to your selected target computers.

Be aware that updating Java will close browsers so you may want to schedule deployments for off-hours…if you’re feeling nice. 

The video below shows how to deploy the Java package that is available in Pro/Enterprise mode. 

Java updates can be pesky to keep on top of. That’s where auto deployment comes in handy. As new versions of Java come out PDQ Deploy will automatically deploy, keeping your machines all up-to-date all the time. You can also try out this feature with a PDQ Deploy Enterprise mode trial