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Java removes (TM) from the Application Name

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

Java Removes (TM)

Update Collections

This is important for those who may have PDQ Inventory collections that are looking for the (TM) in the string to match who may have Java installed.

The change also makes it cleaner for reporting purposes by keeping the parens out of the name. Granted, that’s a small thing, but hey, clean is clean.

Silently Install Java 7 Update 6

Need to deploy Java updates to your company computers? Just start a pro mode trial of PDQ Deploy. Then click on the “Installer Library” and select the most recent Java update and download it. You can then click “Deploy Now” and choose your target computers to receive the silent installation. 

You can install Java with the free mode of PDQ Deploy, but the Pro Mode allows for multiple steps, like disabling Java auto-updates and ensuring that all browsers are killed before the install proceeds.

Get a PDQ Deploy trial now and silently deploy Java to all your computers (with the auto-update turned off).

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