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Keeping it Organized

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

One of the more requested features in Admin Arsenal is the ability to work with more than one Active Directory container at a time. Up to version 1.4, Admin Arsenal only supports a single container. This works great if you have only a single domain or your tree is organized in a certain way – in other words, not everyone.

We’ve heard your requests and will have you covered in version 2. Not only will you be able to specify multiple containers and domains, but you can select containers to exclude, giving you a great deal of control over what Admin Arsenal sees. Consider a simple example:

You have a container of all of your computers including some in a satellite office connected by a slow WAN. You want to manage everything except those few remote computers, since you have a separate Admin Arsenal installation you use there.

With version 1.4 you would need to pull those computers out to a container outside of your main container. This is inconvenient at best, and unfeasible at worst. With Admin Arsenal version 2 all you will need to do is create a sub-container, put the computers in it and then exclude it. This is more easily accomplished and in-line with Active Directory best practices. But it doesn’t end there, with a combination of included and excluded containers you can handle almost any scenario you might run across.

You will be able to mold Admin Arsenal to your organization, not the other way around.

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