Latest Adobe Flash Player Displays Wrong Version

We have added version 11.4.402.278 of Adobe Flash Player to the Installer Library but while we were testing it out we noticed something odd.

The wrong version was being reported in the Uninstall portion of the Windows registry. This is the same registry key that Windows uses when it displays installed software in Control Panel > Programs or Add/Remove Programs in XP. This is also the same key that PDQ Inventory uses to determine installed applications.

Adobe acknowledged the mistake in their Flash support forums:

Adobe states that the next release will show the appropriate version. This issue, incidentally, only affects Adobe Flash Player if it was installed via the MSI. If you installed using their EXE the correct version will be reported to Windows and PDQ Inventory.

If you are using PDQ Inventory or another software inventory application just keep in mind that version 11.4.402.267 will be shown instead of 11.4.402.278. The image below shows how PDQ Inventory reports the version (based on MSI version reported in the registry) and the actual file properties of the installed Flash Player Plugin.

Adobe Flash Version Mishap

You do have some other options on how you can be sure that your computers have version 278. You can always scan for the Flash files and then build your collections or reports based on the file versions. To do this you will need to add some File Scanners to a Scan Profile. Customizing Scan Profiles requires PDQ Inventory Pro mode.

Here is a screenshot of my Applications scan profile. I simply added to File Scanner entries which instructs this Scan Profile to scan for .EXE files in %systemroot%\system32\Macromed and %systemroot%\SysWOW64\Macromed.

Add File Scanners to Applications Profile

After I added these two file scanners I simply re-scanned all my computers with the Applications scan profile.

The Collection below will contain all computers which have Flash ActiveX version 11.4.402.278. (If you want to look for Flash Plugin you can use File Name matches pattern Flash*Plugin*.exe)

PDQ Inventory Collection

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Let us know if you have any questions.