Patch Tuesday March 2024

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Brock Bingham|March 13, 2024
PatchTuesday darkblue
PatchTuesday darkblue

Can you believe it’s already been a month since our last Patch Tuesday? Time flies when you’re patching and having fun. 

This month, we’ve got ourselves a special treat as March 2024’s Patch Tuesday lands on National Girl Scout Day. It’s the perfect time for those Girl Scouts to work on their Patch Management merit badges! Let’s see what patches they have to look forward to. 

  • Total exploits patched: 59 

  • Critical patches: 2 

  • Already known or exploited: 0 

Some highlights (or lowlights) 

  • CVE-2024-21400: If you have an untrusted AKS Kubernetes node and AKS Confidential Container, you should make sure you're running the latest version of az confcom and Kata Image. Attackers who leverage it can steal credentials and expand beyond Kubernetes’s scope to wreak havoc. And even worse, there’s no authentication required, as they can move the workload on to one of their machines to gain root access. Friendly reminder that it’s always a good idea to always keep your environment up to date to protect against vulnerabilities like this one. 

  • CVE-2024-21407: This made us do a double take because it’s a severe one (remote code execution), but attackers have to run a marathon to get far enough to be able to exploit this vulnerability. For an attacker to exploit this one, they’d need authenticated access from a guest VM as well as specific information on your environment. Regardless, any vulnerability with RCE capabilities should be taken seriously and patched ASAP. 

  • CVE-2024-26198: Another remote code execution vulnerability rounds out our highlights and lowlights for the month. This vulnerability impacts Microsoft Exchange and requires an attacker to plant a malicious file for a user to interact with. Once the user interacts with the malicious file, a DLL loads, and an attacker gains the leverage necessary to conduct an RCE attack. 

Wrapping up 

Hopefully your patch deployments are nice and smooth this month. However, if the proverbial stuff hits the proverbial fan, at least you have a good excuse to drown your sorrows in a box or three of Thin Mints. Maybe next time don’t let the Girl Scouts deploy your patches unsupervised? Better yet, download PDQ Connect or PDQ Deploy & Inventory and automate the whole process. Download a free trial and say goodbye to stressful Patch Tuesdays. 


Brock Bingham candid headshot
Brock Bingham

Born in the '80s and raised by his NES, Brock quickly fell in love with everything tech. With over 15 years of IT experience, Brock now enjoys the life of luxury as a renowned tech blogger and receiver of many Dundie Awards. In his free time, Brock enjoys adventuring with his wife, kids, and dogs, while dreaming of retirement.

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