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Patching Pet Peeves

Jake HoltJake Holt

While patching your machines and deploying each software you’re responsible for, we wouldn’t be surprised if the various browsers, readers, and players start to take on a sort of...personality...in your eyes. It’s happened for us, too.

So, we decided to create a video series in which this feeling is interpreted literally. In our new “Patching Pet Peeves” series, our goal was to illustrate what each software would look like as a live, anthropomorphic version of themselves - a human representation of a computer program.

And the main character of the series, the systems administrator, is supposed to represent each of us, and the relationship we’ve all developed over the years with each of these popular products.

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

For example, he sees Flash as a player who’s just trying to get with as many browsers as he can. None of the browsers are really interested, though, because not only is he past his prime, but he also gave Internet Explorer a virus, which leads us to…

Simple Isn’t Always Best

Listen. We don’t have any bones to pick with I.E (Internet Explorer)...But at this point, it’s just a fact that other sleeker, sexier browsers like Chrome and Firefox are not only more functional but deeper and more convenient to use, as well. Internet Explorer is just a bit...simple.

Okay, we get it. You’re cool.

Let’s be honest - Apple and iTunes are constantly concerned with their image of being the hippest and trendiest thing with the kids and the artist-types. And everyone knows you pay a premium for that image when owning Apple stuff. They’re great products. And they’re very aware of it.

You’re coming off a bit creepy.

Java updates seem to always be there...always watching. They creep up in the corner when you’re not expecting it, prodding you to “click here to continue” over and over again. Part of the goal of this series is to stress the fact that PDQ Deploy will hit Java with those updates before it has a chance to slither back into your personal space.

In the series, we also feature Windows Cortana, Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, and Firefox. We understand that your experiences may be different and that you probably have other products that you have strong opinions about, too. If that’s the case, we’d love to hear about it. Maybe we’ll take your inspiration for the next round of “Patching Pet Peeves”.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any stories you have about how software has influenced your daily life. And make sure to check out the full series on the PDQ.com YouTube channel (they’re only 30-60 seconds apiece). We hope you continue to enjoy using PDQ.com products, and if you’re just starting, we’re always here to help.

Happy Patching! - Jake

Patching Pet Peeves Commerical Series:

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