Silently Install Adobe Flash Critical Update

**UPDATE 7/14/2015: There is a new Adobe Flash update for the zero day vulnerability APSB15-18 (read Adobe bulletin here). The steps for updating Adobe Flash are still the same.**

**UPDATE: There is a new patch for Adobe Flash as of July 8, 2015 for the APSA15-03 vulnerability click here to read the latest bulletin. The steps for updating Adobe Flash as listed in this blog are still the same**

Well, here it is. Yet another Patch Tuesday has come and gone, but not without leaving terror in it’s wake. adobe_flash_player_v10_iconAdobe Flash has a vulnerability (APSB15-11). If you haven’t already, deploy the updated version right away as this critical patch is listed as a Priority 1 vulnerability.

“These updates address vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions”

You can read the full bulletin here.


Silently Installing Adobe Flash

The Package Library hosts three ready-to-deploy packages of Adobe Flash. Update computers by select the appropriate Adobe Flash package for your environment, import and then click Deploy to select computers to update Flash.

Adobe Flash: Use this package for computers with browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera.
Adobe Flash for IE: This is the package you’ll need to update Flash on computers with IE running.
Adobe Flash (All IE): Have Windows 8 or higher? Use this package to get those machines up-to-date.
The below video walks through updating Adobe Flash, this video shows an older version of Flash but the process is still the same.
Alternatively, you can set up Auto Deployments for the future and have PDQ Deploy keep your machines up-to-date for the next new release of Adobe Flash. You can try this feature out, as well as any three Package Library packages free in a 14 day trial.
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