Silently Install Adobe Flash for IE and Edge

It’s that time again, folks. A new version ( of Flash Player has been released. As usual (and depending on your environment) there are many ways to silently install Adobe Flash on your computers. You can always refer to this page on Adobe’s site to see which version of Flash (ActiveX, NPAPI, and Pepper) is available.

Below is a list of the PDQ Deploy packages that can be used to silently update Flash across your enterprise. If the OS states “all” that means all Windows from XP to Windows 10. Please note that access to these packages require that you run PDQ Deploy 7 or higher.


PDQ Deploy Package Browser O/S PDQ Deploy License Mode
Adobe Flash Firefox / Opera All Free
Adobe Flash for IE Internet Explorer XP, Vista, 7,2003, 2008x Free
Adobe Flash (All IE) Internet Explorer, Edge All Pro
Google Chrome Enterprise 46.0.2490.71 Chrome All (64-bit requires Windows 7 or higher) Pro

If you use Flash for IE and Edge then you’ll most likely need the “Adobe Flash (All IE)” package. Starting with Windows 8 Microsoft began updating Flash for IE with their monthly Windows updates. Those same updates are available in the All IE package. Below are some images of the PDQ Deploy Package looks like.


The image above shows the Package Properties. Always refer to the properties to see important information about the package.


The image above shows the Details tab for the Windows 10 64-bit step.


The image above shows the Conditions tab. In this example only 64-bit Windows 10 targets will process Step 7.