Silently Install Java 8 Update 51

The quarterly release of Java is here. Make sure your computers are up-to-date with Java 8 update 51. You can read more about this critical patch update here. These are a few tips for you to ensure a clean and successful silent install.

Buyer Beware: Oracle has been bundling the Ask toolbar with the “online” installation of Java. If your users attempt to install or update Java then this is probably the reason why Ask shows up.The Java package in the Package Library is bloatware free (we strip all that nonsense out for you) and we remove the Java Update notifications that your users may otherwise will see.

The Java package in the Package Library also has auto update disabled. But if you do find you have Java with auto update enabled there is a package you can deploy for to fix that as well.

How To Silently Install Java 8 Update 51

Silently install Java 8 Update 51 by selecting the package in the package library window in your PDQ Deploy console and click deploy. Select your target computers and deploy.


Try PDQ Deploy

Automatically Deploy Java 8 Update 51

Java is one of the best candidates for setting up for Auto Deployment. A new update for Java comes out, PDQ Deploy will automatically send that update out to your machines.

  1. Select the Java package in the Package Library and click the Add Auto Deployment button in the right corner.
  2. From there you’ll be able to schedule. We also recommend that you Link To a PDQ Inventory collection (specifically the Java (Old) collection from the Collection Library) so that you target computers that actually need the update.

What is the Java Alternate Package?

The Java ALTERNATE package is available for you if you run into issues deploying the regular recommended Java package. This package often will resolve errors related to the ambiguous 1603 error. However, it’s recommended that you use this package only if you had errors with the first one. The Java ALTERNATE package is a little more brute force. No need to use a bigger gun than needed.

Uninstall Lingering Java Installations

If you haven’t already, this might be a good time to uninstall older Java versions. Oracle is no longer providing public updates for Java 7 and older. The Package Library has an uninstall package for Java 6 and Java 7.