Webcast Recap: Auto Reports

Randall Pace|Updated May 12, 2021
Webcast Recap
Webcast Recap

If you're still manually drafting reports you'll want to review our webcast from last week. Why not streamline those tedious tasks and schedule the reports you have to do on a regular basis using Auto Reports in PDQ Inventory. Our goal at PDQ.com is to take work off your plate so you have time for the things that matter...like midday siestas...and using Auto Reports is your round trip ticket to dreamland. Those Spaniards have things figured out right?! So, if you missed the webcast last week, no need to panic you can still watch the video below.

Launching the Webcast Recap

Getting Started with Auto Reports (0:41)

Getting started with auto reports

Advanced Application Reports (17:13)

Advanced Application Reports


Is it possible to create a custom report for operating systems that fall below a particular OS version and then email a “helpdesk” email account so staff can update non-compliant systems? A virus definition report would also be handy. (7:49)

Yes! Check the video for the Report that Lex created. :)

Is there any way to have an Auto Report only send an email if the report contains data? (15:43)

At this time, it’s not possible. It is something we’re aware of and hope to provide a solution in the future.

Management asks for a usage report, not just who has the software installed. Is there a way to use PDQ to create this kind of report? (24:05)

Unfortunately, Windows does not provide much application usage data, so there’s nothing we can collect from workstations natively in Inventory.

We have an Auto Report for “laptops missing PDQ Inventory Agent.” It’s set up to email our “email” bot for posting to a Slack channel. We want it as text so it is clearly shown in the channel without opening the attachment. This doesn’t work, as the message has the descriptions instead of the report itself. Any ideas on how to make it just put the output of the report in the body of the email? (28:35)

You would need to write custom PowerShell that would pull the data from a generated report and put it in the body of an email and send it.

Any thoughts on integrating PDQ services with ticketing systems like OSTicket etc? Example, user puts in a ticket “I do not have the VPN client,” then key words trigger the VPN client installation package. (29:41)

We currently don’t have any integrations planned outside of Spiceworks. The best way to accomplish this would be a combination of custom PowerShell with our command line utility.

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