Software Deployment

PackageAre you worried about missing a critical software update? Maybe you still have to update computers individually, in person. It’s time to move up in the world and get these deployments done fast, easy, and most important silently. Without even leaving your desk, PDQ Deploy can update practically any application.

Choose from over 200 ready-to-deploy packages for Windows applications in the PDQ Package Library. These packages are created and maintained by PDQ, they include all configuration options and necessary files to deploy silently. Additionally, you can even create your own silent custom packages. If it can be silently deployed, PDQ Deploy can deploy it!

Licensing Requirements

  1. Free mode: Limited number of packages available in the Package Library. Custom packages limited to one install step.
  2. Enterprise mode: Unlimited access.
  3. Enterprise Trial mode: Three (3) packages of your choice from the Package Library and unlimited custom packages during the trial period.