Automatic 3rd Party Patch Management

Retry QueueSo, you are are already enjoying the ability to schedule deployments, but everyone knows the sysadmin’s motto is, “automate, automate, automate”. We at PDQ understand this and have answered the call.

Introducing Auto Deployment; your valid excuse to be lazy. If it’s in the Package Library, it can be scheduled to check for new updates or versions and will automatically deploy the updates silently, even when you are out of the office. Gone are the days of manual patch management of such applications like Java and Flash. Like we said, your valid excuse to be lazy!


No problem. Multiple packages can be added as a baseline of applications that will automatically update and deploy.

Because all packages in the Package Library are tested to run silently and are up-to-date with the latest versions, this ensures full automation. However, you can add pre and post steps for additional tasks or scripts you want run each time.

You can set the approval policy to fit the needs of your company, whether this is manual, immediate, or even after a set number of days. It is all possible with Auto Deployment.

Lucky you, sysadmin! This can be done automatically with the built-in Collection Library in PDQ Inventory which identifies computers by software versions.

Licensing Requirements

  • Free mode: No access.
  • Enterprise mode: Unlimited access. (Use of the Collection Library requires PDQ Inventory in Enterprise mode.)
  • Enterprise Trial mode: Unlimited access during the trial period.

Not yet convinced? Watch a video