10 Tips to Boost Network Performance for System Administrators

 Infoworld has a great article entitled 
10 Tips for Boosting Network Performance 
that I found fascinating. Two tips in particular struck me, numbers 7 and 8. These address a problem that we ran into recently when setting up a virtual lab, that is disk speed. It was a real surprise to me just how much disk speed (RPM and bus throughput) affects the performance of virtual machines. It makes sense, once you understand the reasons behind it, but it was still quite shocking to have it bite me in the butt. It’s tempting to try to save money with cheaper SATA drives and while there are times that’s appropriate, a virtual server isn’t one of those times.

The whole article, though, is full of some great ideas. Some of which you may be aware of, and some probably not as much. There should be something there for everyone to learn from.