Twitter can help you be a better system administrator


Twitter can help you be a better administrator | Admin Arsenal

Twitter is like anything else in your job. You have to weed through the junk to find the treasure.

With the 140 character limit you’re able to eliminate the 
Kelly Kapoors of the world.

The secret to Twitter is what others are saying. Follow those who stay on topics you care about.

One tip is to follow those people whose blogs you enjoy reading. One that springs to mind for me is Mary Jo Foley (Twitter @MaryJoFoley).

Separate the wheat from the chaff by feeding (or any 3rd party tool) results to your newsreader.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can skim your topics to find interesting tweets. The best tweets will link you to other sources.

Some good sources for Twitter info? Bob Walsh co-wrote the Twitter Survival Guide.

(By the way, each paragraph in this blog would meet the twitter 140 character limit.)

To quote the marquee from The First Church of Springfield: Brevity is … wit.