Deploying IE 8 with Admin Arsenal


Now that IE 8 is all official we figured that we may as well beat the summer rush and deploy it now. Before we deployed we downloaded the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) for IE 8.  You can grab the IEAK here.

Using the IEAK we customized Internet Explorer for our organization. The following screenshots are samples of the IEAK customization you will encounter.




It is important, obviously, to verify that you are going to deploy the appropriate version of IE. The Automatic Version Synchronization feature will enable to you to get the latest version of IE.


The User Experience window is very important. Make certain that you select Completely Silent Install. This setting will override any silent arguments you provide to the installer, therefore it is important to set it here.


During the customization of IE 8 you will have the option of installing Accelerators. Accelerators eliminate the need for users to copy and paste content from one page to another. Accelerators are available from various web content providers such as Digg, Google, Yahoo Maps and


One of the configuration settings you can set relates to Proxy Settings.


When you are finished with the Customization process you are ready to deploy Internet Explorer 8.0 to your organization. Keep in mind that you must create a SEPARATE IE installation file for each type of OS (XP, Vista, 2003 / 2008, etc.) The deployment shown below utilized the Windows XP installation of IE 8.