28 IT New Year's resolutions from real sysadmins

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Meredith Kreisa|December 28, 2022
IT New Year's resolutions
IT New Year's resolutions

Each new year brings new opportunities to break bad habits, make positive changes, and start fresh. We’re talking about resolutions — not the number and density of pixels on your screen but the goals you make for the year to come. While we’d never ask you to do anything extreme (like limit yourself to five cups of coffee per day), we were curious about your IT objectives for 2023. Here’s what sysadmins have planned for the upcoming year.

Workplace improvements

“Fix all the half-assed s*** we rolled out during COVID.” — lawno

“Be less lazy, write proper/understandable doco for the s*** I deploy.” — AltruisticMix

“Complete ongoing projects and decommission all of our legacy equipment.” — Rich_B

Continuing education and certification

“AZ-900 and then AZ-104. I'm scheduled to take the AZ-900 exam on Jan 7th!” — SteamingHam

“Az-104, pay bump that comes with it.” — Bright_Arm8782

“CCNA is my big one.” — TKInstinct

“Cloud certs” — robvas

“CISSP for next year. Because money.” — Sstthway

“learn some more office 365, AD, PowerShell and maybe data analytics. Depends on where my jobs needs the growth.” — WanderinginWA

Career changes

“Recover from Burnout” — HooveHearted1962

“I'm seriously considering a career change. IT is not the career it was 11 years ago when I started my degree.” — davidm2232

“Get the f*** out of this MSP and into an internal Security role before I lose my s***” — kbsc

“Get the F*** out of helpdesk and into actual project roles.” — infered5

Career growth

“Get a raise and get better at coding infrastructure” — Scyzor98

“Hoping to: Improve on some bad habits, continue to get barebones admin experience, potentially look for a new job that pays more this coming spring or summer.” — throwawayacc90s

“Move into some kind of principle or team lead position.” — IXLRunaMok

“Senior position and AZ-305, with a nice pay bump to boot. Maybe get on top of the price hikes in Europe for a while” — Zealousideal_Yard651

“To get a new job! Hopefully I get an offer before this month is over.” — networkwise

“Does it count if I already achieved it? Made a career change and moving teams after the start of the new year.” — RealRyanW

“Just started new job...so get better at new job” — jpanda206

“Easy: work less, get more salary” — Princess-Sophie69

“At this point, just getting back to work. Got fired when the COVID stay-at-home orders came down, and haven't made it past interviews since.” — MindlessHorror

“After 32 years of IT, I just finished my MBA. I'd love to manage a team of IT engineers, help them learn and grow in their careers. Work towards retirement, pass the baton.” — AustinGroovy

Career maintenance

“Not get promoted or given any additional responsibilities.” — bloody_tar_shits

“Not get fired.” — DumbshitOnTheRight

“Continue making enough money to live my real life without having my job negatively affect it to an unacceptable level. I get my fulfillment elsewhere; my career is just a way to fund all that other stuff.” — TheNewBBS


“Get PDQ, some kind of imaging tool, upgrade servers, restructure AD, learn cloud stuff, get raise.” — pkmnBreeder

“Find a PDQ alternative that actually has a client.” — eighto2

Spoiler alert: PDQ’s agent-based solution, PDQ Connect, is currently in beta and on track to take 2023 by storm!

We wish you a happy, healthy year full of easy inventories and painless patch management. Read the PDQ blog and watch the YouTube channel for a helping hand along the way. And if you aren’t already a PDQ customer, start the new year right with a free 14-day trial of Deploy and Inventory.

At PDQ, our New Year's resolution is to make PDQ Connect the most convenient agent-based remote Windows device management solution on the market. While Connect is currently in beta, we’re excited about its official launch in 2023.

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