KB2454826 – A Prerequisite for Installing IE9

I like using the IEAK for customizing deployments of Internet Explorer. After creating a customized deployment for IE9 I was somewhat flummoxed at why my installations were hanging.

Internet Explorer Needs An Update Before Installing

Only when I turned off silent installation and manually (i.e. double-click) installed IE9 using my IEAK build did I see the error:

KB2454826 pre req for ie9

It’s frustrating that Windows doesn’t throw an error to catch this missed pre-req. In one example of deploying my test install came back as successful after only 30 seconds. IE9 is pretty stream-lined (only 17MB) but it’s not that fast of an installation. Of course I discovered it hadn’t actually installed.

Other attempts simply saw the deployment hang. It does this because we set the depoloyments to be silent (don’t want to disturb our users, afterall) but the dialog box still appears (but it’s invisible) and it expects some user interaction before proceeding.

This patch is particularly picky about its reboot. You can suppress the reboot, but you will not be able to install IE9 until the workstation has been rebooted.

So, in your deployment plan for IE9, be certain to give yourself enough time to deploy KB2454826 to all your systems before pushing our IE9. This will give you plenty of time to reboot those systems without effecting users.

If you don’t already use WSUS or another method for managing your Windows patches, you can deploy this patch using our free tool PDQ Deploy. (When it comes to Windows security patches, we recommend WSUS).

After installing PDQ Deploy, simply locate your downloaded patch (KB2454826) and right click on it. Select “Deploy with PDQ”.

PDQ12 IE9 prereq

PDQ Deploy will auto-populate the installer window. Simply give it a name and save it. (By default we set this to not auto-reboot).

PDQ12 IE9 Prereq 01

At this point you hit OK to save your installer. You can then deploy the installer to any number of Win7 systems that you manage. Ensure that your newly created installer is selected in the left pane and click the “Deploy Now” button. Add your target systems (manual entry, Active Directory, Import text file, AA console, etc.) and select Deploy Now. (Assuming you are logged in with the same administrative account. If not, you can specify an admin account and password in PDQ Deploy).

PDQ12 win7prereq deploy

That’s it. Your deployment should only take a moment. Remember that this patch won’t take effect until the systems have been rebooted. You can use this same method with PDQ Deploy to install IE9. It’s a free tool, so please give it a shot.

Check out our post on using the IEAK to customize your companies IE9 deployment.