Patch IE 0-Day with a single PDQ Deploy package

Microsoft's Participation Award

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve added the new IE 0-Day Patch (MS14-021) (It took them some time, but we decided to give them an award anyway).

Package info from /r/PDQDeploy: IE Zero-Day Exploit Patch (MS14-021) 1.0

This was one gnarly package. There is a patch for every version of IE for every OS currently supported (including XP). This single PDQ Deploy package is huge, we really can’t emphasize this enough.

It’s available now to our Pro and Enterprise mode customers. (Like most of our Package Library, this package is not available to our trial users).

If you are a free or trial user, you have two options:

  1. Create a PDQ Deploy Package for each version of IE and each OS that you manage.
  2. Purchase a license of PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise and download the package. The cost for pro mode is a very simple $250 per admin.

Good news, too. As mentioned above Microsoft has also provided a patch for XP. Hopefully our XP users are well underway with upgrade plans to Windows 7 (or 8.1 if you’re really into the pain thing. If so, may we recommend some recreational dental work?)

We hope this package will make your job a little easier, and your client machines a lot safer. Again, if you don’t have PDQ Deploy Pro, here’s a link to purchase:

IE Zero Day Package in all its glory

We hope this post and package provides a good case for why having a Pro or Enterprise license is a must-have.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the paraphrased words of Peter Griffin in regards to our award:

Microsoft Security Response Center, if you’re still reading this, you are [all] a good sport and a trooper. And you passed our test. And you can be our friend.”

EDIT 2014-05-02:

To determine if your computers have the hot fix or not use the following Collection conditions in PDQ Inventory

PDQ Inventory Collection for IE 0-Day hotfix