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“Sneaky, Hidden Function” – Reports in PDQ Inventory

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

We had a request that was asking us to provide a feature that was already available in the current product. On one hand, many developers, ISV’s and Sys-Admins would be happy to have such a wonderful turn-around time. “Hey, that feature already exists. Now pat me on the back with a Green Monster drink and tell me that I am, in fact, a god.” Instead the requester was, as he always is, very gracious as he replied: “You are 100% sir. I realized this when I happened to look at reports. Sneaky, hidden function.”

“Sneaky, Hidden Function”? This observation showed me what I have long feared: Our usability isn’t as awesome as we think it is.

To this requester (and to others who didn’t realize this feature existed) I simply say “D’oh!”

The easy answer is, of course to provide a video tutorial on running inventory reports. Well, I’m always one for an easy answer so the video is included in this post. Tomorrow we will release another video on how to create your own report.

The harder answer is that we at Admin Arsenal need to do a much better job of making our software more intuitive. Hey JJ, pour two pints of Guinness. We’re gonna be here a while.

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