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Scan Profiles

Scan profiles are used to determine what information a particular scanner will collect. For instance, PDQ Inventory has scan profiles that collect installed applications, hot fixes, registry values, and more (see below).

Sometimes you need a quick scan, without waiting for all details to be collected. For instance, if you just deployed an application and you want PDQ Inventory to reflect the new install, create a scan profile that just scans for Applications and Computer Details. If you have hundreds (or thousands) of computers, you can reduce your scan time considerably.

Available scanners in PDQ Inventory

  • Active Directory

  • Applications

  • Computer Details

  • Disks

  • Displays

  • Environment Variables

  • Files

  • Hardware Devices

  • Hot Fixes

  • Memory Modules

  • Network Adapters

  • Printers

  • Registry

  • Services

  • Shares

  • Users & Groups

  • Windows Features

  • WMI

Shane walks you through this feature in the video below.