PDQ Inventory

Create custom scan profiles

Collect the exact information you want — from installed applications and hot fixes to registry values and computer details.

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Man in checkered shirt and glasses looking at computer
Man in checkered shirt and glasses looking at computer
Scan Profile DropdownScan Profile Dropdown

Reduce scan times

Sometimes you need specific information from your network of computers. Scan profiles save you considerable time when you don’t need all of the details.

For example...

Let’s say you just deployed an application and you want PDQ Inventory to reflect the new install. Create a scan profile for Applications and Computer Details.

Example of Scanner Profile reportExample of Scanner Profile report

Available scanners

Active Directory Applications Computer Details
DisksDisplays Environment Variables
Files Hardware Devices Hot Fixes
Memory Modules Network Adapters PowerShell Scanners
SharesUsers & Groups Windows Features
WMIWindows Task Schedules

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