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Use PDQ Inventory to Install .NET 4

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

On your Windows 7, 2008 and Vista machines we do recommend that you deploy the latest .NET (current 4.5.2). Installing 4.5x also install .NET 4. 

.NET 4.5x is not available for XP and 2003 so you’ll need to stick with version 4 of .NET on these systems.

Download .NET 4

Within PDQ Inventory you can deploy .NET 4 to all computers. Go to File> Preferences> .NET Installation. In this panel you will see a button to download the .NET Framework 4. Click Download .NET Now and your installation will be underway. 

Note: You can use the software deployment tool PDQ Deploy to deploy the latest .NET Framework (which as of this post is .NET 4.5.2) it will still install the .NET 4 libraries and work just fine.

Deploying .NET 4 

After you have downloaded it, you have three options for deploying.

  1. In the same window (

    File>Preferences>.NET Installation

    ) you can select to

    Automatically Install .NET

    . When you select this option, anytime any of your computers are scanned it will update to .NET 4

  2. View computers in the

    All Computers

    panel, you may 

  3. NET Installation Preferences Window

    see that some of your computers display a warning that .NET 4 is not installed. Highlight the problem computers and go to

    Computer>Install .NET and Scan

  4. You can also double-click individual computers, which will bring up a new screen (displays additional information about the computer) and in this screen under File, you will see the same Install .NET and Scan option. 



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