QuickTime Zero Day Vulnerability

There are two major zero day vulnerabilities for QuickTime for Windows…and the fix? Uninstall it. According to TrendMicro, Apple has indicated they will not fix these as QuickTime for Windows will no longer be receiving updates. It is recommended that QuickTime is uninstalled as quickly as possible. (Read more here.)

Uninstalling QuickTime

Package Library users will notice that all QuickTime packages have been removed. No sense in deploying a highly vulnerable application, right?

There is the Uninstall QuickTime package available to those with Enterprise level access to the Package Library. Free trials of PDQ Deploy Enterprise are available and include the ability to import up to THREE packages free during the 14 day trial. This deployment runs silently and will not interrupt any of your users while it is being deployed.

Try PDQ Deploy

3 responses

  • So, if we deployed it with the Pro level subscription, why do we need Enterprise to UNINSTALL it once it became apparently dangerous?

    • Because you buy packages by feature not by level of security threat and “uninstallers” are a feature of Enterprise.

    • Sorry, just about all uninstalls are in Enterprise mode. The video does also show how you can use a command step to uninstall QuickTime, which will work in Pro mode.

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