Windows 7 in an XP World

Windows 7 making a good showing

A very interesting artcile in ArsTechnica shows that we’re still an XP world, but that dominiation is winding down. Windows 7 is now on 1/5 of all desktops, a feat never reached by Vista, as noted by
Emil Protalinski.

Obviously attrition has been showing its head, and that’s going to continue to increase. Still, what’s the big advantage to Windows 7 vs. XP? Yes, apps are optimized, and hardware is more than sufficient, but what is the killer reason to make the OS change? 

64-bit is a good reason I suppose, but for the average user it’s just not a noticable change (how important is 64-bit for Facebook)?

I’m beginning to wonder if Win7 will surpass 50% by the time Windows 8 goes to Release Candidate. I’m still hoping to see a huge advantage to Windows 8 – the feature I just can’t live without. At this point I wouldn’t even care if it came from Cupertino first – just give us something awesome.

I’m optimistic – Microsoft has surprised before.