Software inventory management

Your systems are a complex mixture of hardware, software, and configuration data. Maintaining up-to-date inventory levels is critical to effective asset management. When managing inventory across multiple locations, identifying and tracking each inventory item become exponentially more complicated. A software inventory management solution like PDQ Inventory can scan your systems to collect relevant data for instant insights.

Illustration showing inventory management
Illustration showing inventory management

Custom groupings

PDQ Inventory is a powerful inventory software that facilitates easy computer groupings. Check out our Collection Library to organize computers by applications, hardware, updates, and operating systems. Looking for a more personalized approach? Use filters to create your own dynamic collections or manually add computers to a static collection.

  • Group computers by common criteria to monitor your software inventory levels

  • Tailor collections of machines based on custom criteria

  • Pair PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy to target specific machines for updates

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Custom GroupingsCustom GroupingsCustom Groupings

Superhuman efficiency

On its own, PDQ Inventory is a force to be reckoned with, scanning Windows computers to collect vital data. But when paired with PDQ Deploy, this dream team can help save your business even more time and money through automated features and remote capabilities. Whether you have a small business or an enterprise-level business, understanding your software inventory quantities through an effective inventory system is essential to asset tracking and managing inventory. 

  • Access prebuilt tools and scripts

  • Schedule hardware and software inventory scans

  • Execute commands remotely across multiple locations

  • Shutdown or reboot computers remotely

  • Uninstall software

  • Scan and access data with the PowerShell Scanner

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PowerShell Data examplePowerShell Data examplePowerShell Data example

Full visibility

As your organization grows, your computer systems become more and more complex. Over time, tracking all the machines and their software becomes nearly impossible without the right inventory management software. A high-quality software inventory management system provides a comprehensive overview of your environment.

  • Integrate with Active Directory to collect computer data

  • Scan files, WMI, and Windows Registry

  • Examine curated groupings of computers using our Collection Library

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PDQ Inventory & AD IconsPDQ Inventory & AD IconsPDQ Inventory & AD Icons

Easy reporting

Information is the currency that fuels business. Quick, easy reporting gives you the inventory data you need to make informed decisions.

  • Track custom data

  • Utilize built-in reports 

  • Create your own reports using filters 

  • Print, export, save, or email reports on a schedule

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Illustration on PDQ reportsIllustration on PDQ reportsIllustration on PDQ reports

Expert support

Exceptional support saves time and makes your job easier. At PDQ, we have some of the best minds in the industry at your service. Our team of former sysadmins is here to both assist and commiserate.

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Pictures of PDQ EmployeesPictures of PDQ EmployeesPictures of PDQ Employees

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FAQs about software inventory management

What are the benefits of software inventory management?

Software inventory management is the process of maintaining an up-to-date record of the software currently on your machines, including updates and patches. Benefits include greater visibility and efficiency.

How do you incorporate software inventory management?

To incorporate a software inventory management system, follow these steps: 

  • Audit your current tools for an inventory count

  • Develop a license inventory

  • Establish software procurement, purchase order, and work order guidelines 

  • Analyze the usage of your existing software

  • Catalog your software for inventory accuracy

  • Implement software inventory tracking procedures to monitor inventory levels

  • Incorporate an IT inventory management software or inventory control software

Comprehensive software inventory management makes it easy to deploy the right patches to the right machines, which is one of the cornerstones of maintaining a strong security posture. Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday of the month, earning it the moniker “Patch Tuesday.” If you know what software is already on your computers, you can act quickly on Patch Tuesday to protect your environment.

What are software inventory management best practices?

Three keys to software inventory management best practices include: 

  • Conduct audits

  • Categorize assets

  • Choose the right software inventory management tool or inventory control software

How do you choose the right software inventory management solution?

Picking the right inventory management software requires assessing the functionality, affordability, ease of use, supported devices, and available support. Always schedule a demo to see the inventory software for yourself before deciding. Select the best option for your business to help you manage inventory with ease.