Software deployment

Sysadmins deploy software to equip employees with the tools they need, patch vulnerabilities, and keep machines operating at their peak performance. Manual software deployment takes a lot of time and effort, and even a highly skilled IT professional may make mistakes. PDQ Deploy and Inventory take the hassle out of the software deployment process.

Woman sitting behind a laptop
Woman sitting behind a laptop

Automated deployment

As your business grows, so do the demands on your IT team. Automating repetitive processes is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to maximize efficiency without hiring new personnel. PDQ Deploy serves as an automated patch manager and software deployment tool so you can update more computers in less time.

  • Use Active Directory, Spiceworks, or PDQ Inventory

  • Script commands in PowerShell, Visual Basic, registry file, or batch file

  • Schedule software deployments

  • Install silently 

  • Schedule uninstalls at scale

  • Employ continuous delivery and continuous integration

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Easy application deployment

On average, each business uses 110 SaaS applications. When we tally the total number of installations, software updates, and uninstalls, the work involved is staggering. Simplifying the application deployment process is essential for saving time, energy, and the IT team’s morale. 

  • Leverage a software Package Library with 250+ ready-to-deploy applications

  • Craft custom multi-application deployments

  • Automatically retry failed deployments

  • Force reboots

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Up-to-date software inventory

Without an accurate idea of what software is on your machines, you may purchase too many licenses, inadvertently violate license agreements, or fail to update every device running a program. Maintaining an accurate software inventory that updates as you deploy new software gives you much-needed insight into your environment.

  • Run deployment reports

  • Scan machines for deployment history

  • Group computers by software, hardware, operating system, or custom criteria

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Enhanced security and compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements often dictate patching to ensure a strong security posture. The right software deployment tool can help protect your environment and prove compliance.

  • Apply patches quickly to thwart zero-day exploits

  • Access built-in reports 

  • Develop custom reports

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Secure, simple, and pretty damn quick

Simplifying software deployment puts more time, energy, and money on your hands. Use it wisely.

  • Deploy software with just a few clicks

  • Limit downtime

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Improve productivity

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PDQ is secure, simple and quickPDQ is secure, simple and quickPDQ is secure, simple and quick
PDQ team headshotsPDQ team headshotsPDQ team headshots

Expert support

Software deployment can be a lonely process, but with expert customer service, you’re never truly alone. (Cue the sappy music.) We’ve got your backs if you encounter any roadblocks using PDQ Deploy and Inventory.

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What our customers say


I used PDQ just last week to update 180 systems, and I did the entire creative cloud suite in three hours time. This would normally take me an entire week. Now that I have been doing this for several years, I think this has probably saved me years on my life.

Rocklin Unified School District


PDQ makes setting up a computer from scratch so simple. We have a custom package to install and it will take. I installed office, chrome, firefox, and an antivirus on an old computer all in 2 minutes. That alone saves you an hour and a half…

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

Frequently asked questions about software deployment

What are the benefits of software deployment tools?

A software deployment tool can enhance efficiency, improve patch management, allow more regular updating, reduce errors, and simplify reporting.

How do you incorporate software deployment?

To incorporate a software deployment process, make sure to: 

  • Assess your needs

  • Maintain a network inventory

  • Choose the best tool for the job

  • Develop a software deployment policy

  • Create a testing environment

  • Automate, automate, automate

What are software deployment best practices?

Four key best practices for software deployment include:

  • Regularly review your software

  • Get rid of unnecessary software

  • Stay on top of updates

  • Apply patches as quickly as possible

How do you choose the right software deployment solution?

Selecting the right software deployment tool requires weighing your needs and goals against the solution’s features. The following steps should help: 

  • Assess your budget

  • Consider the solution’s functionality 

  • Evaluate any included package library 

  • Schedule a demo