Patch management software

An automated patch management solution with an easy-to-use software deployment tool that installs patches on your schedule.

The world is a dangerous place for computers with out-of-date software. Installing patches for Windows operating system and third-party applications is essential to protecting against known vulnerabilities and improving productivity. That’s where a patch management tool comes to the rescue.

Patch Management hero image.
Patch Management hero image.

Windows and third-party patching

PDQ Deploy powers patching of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server, and third-party applications. Update Microsoft Office, remove Adobe Flash, install Google Chrome, and adjust hundreds of other popular software solutions on any device in your network with this powerful tool. 

As soon as our team is notified of a new Windows update or third-party software update to address a known vulnerability, we work to add it to our patch manager so that your business can implement it as quickly as possible.

  • Pre-built library of over 250 deployments for effortless installation of popular options

  • Patch Tuesday support to keep you up to date on the latest patches

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Package library with blue tilesPackage library with blue tilesPackage library with blue tiles

Custom deployments

Your business and computer systems are unique. Why use a one-size-fits-all patch management tool that isn’t optimized for your organization? PDQ’s custom deployments give you unmatched flexibility. Cater each patch deployment to your needs to minimize downtime, improve efficiency, and address each newly discovered vulnerability.

  • Schedule deployments when it’s convenient for you and your users

  • Create custom multi-step deployments for fast, reliable installation

  • Nest packages for multi-application deployments

  • Set your own conditions for intelligent deployments 

  • Deploy to offline computers when they reconnect so that you don’t miss a single machine

  • Deploy to computers or groups in Active Directory, Spiceworks, and PDQ Inventory

  • Create custom scanners with PowerShell and Inventory

  • Utilize custom scripts

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Custom DeploymentsCustom DeploymentsCustom Deployments

Time-saving automation

Your job is hard enough as it is. Manually installing each update and security patch on every device makes it that much harder. An automated patch management solution saves time and simplifies your work so that you don’t have to worry about mundane tasks slowing you down. Plus, you can execute commands and scripts remotely for fewer late nights stuck at your desk.

  • Remote monitoring, deployment, and reboots

  • Execute commands and scripts remotely (PowerShell, VB, .bat)

  • Queue failed deployments and automatically retry

  • Scan hardware and software automatically after a patch deployment

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Next-level visibility & proof of compliance

The modern organization is often a patchwork of different hardware and software. As the hodgepodge grows, full visibility into your assets is critical to endpoint security, endpoint management, and vulnerability management. 

Patch management software doesn’t just make patching quick and easy. It also improves overall visibility, compliance, and asset management for continuous insight into your patch status.

  • Generate patch deployment reports manually to determine patch status and detect any missing patch

  • Receive patch deployment status emails

  • Verify software patch compliance

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Expert support

Even the best of the best need support sometimes. With PDQ Deploy, our expert team is here to make your job easier. We’re all former sysadmins, so we know our stuff. (Or at least pretend to.)

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What our customers say


I used PDQ just last week to update 180 systems, and I did the entire creative cloud suite in three hours time. This would normally take me an entire week. Now that I have been doing this for several years, I think this has probably saved me years on my life.

Rocklin Unified School District


PDQ makes setting up a computer from scratch so simple. We have a custom package to install and it will take. I installed office, chrome, firefox, and an antivirus on an old computer all in 2 minutes. That alone saves you an hour and a half…

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

Frequently asked questions about patch management software

What is patch management?

Patch management is the process of selecting, acquiring, and installing patches and updates on large-scale networks of computers.

Why do you need patch management?

Patch management is essential to maintain complex systems and prevent a mistake, bug, or vulnerability from interrupting your day-to-day operations.

What are the benefits of patch management?

An effective patch management process can help reduce endpoint security vulnerabilities, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance performance.

How do you incorporate patch management?

You can develop a patch management process through careful planning. Consider incorporating patch management using the following steps:

  • Assess cybersecurity and patching needs

  • Identify unique network components and configurations

  • Consider special departmental and user needs

  • Weigh acceptable risks

  • Determine asset management approaches

  • Develop processes for testing updates before widespread distribution

  • Establish patch deployment timeframes

  • Implement policies for handling uncommon situations (e.g. distributing out-of-band patches)

What are patch management best practices?

Three key points to ensure patch management best practices are:

  • Inventorying your systems and assessing risk levels

  • Creating policies for installing and testing updates

  • Remaining flexible and transparent

How do you choose the right patch management software?

To choose the best patch management software for your company, you should consider the functionality, what systems and applications it supports, its pre-built application or patch libraries (if any), and the available support. Also, schedule a demo to see the software you’re considering in action.