How to Use GPUpdate Remotely

Are you comfy in that office chair? Do you want to stay there? Sending remote commands like GPUpdate from your workstation can be done in just a few clicks from the PDQ Inventory console. The ability to send remote commands is a free feature. (See bottom of post for video and free download link.)

Pull open the remote command feature either by selecting the computer (or computers) you want to send the command to by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C or under Tools>Remote Command.

Running GPUpdate

Here is an example. I selected 6 specific computers in Inventory and called Tools > Remote Command. To run GPUpdate in the command field put the following:

echo n | gpupdate /force /target:computer

Sending the Remote Command GPUpdate

The /target:computer tells the command to only refresh the computer policy and not the user policy. I recommend this parameter because it will save you a bit of time. The /force parameter is useful when you want to reapply all of the Group Policy settings. Without the /force parameter GPUpdate will only apply policies that have changed since the last run time.

Remote commands must be able to run silently. If any user interaction is required after the command runs then the command will ultimately timeout. Sometimes GPUpdate will ask if you want to restart the computer after the policies are updated. When you run this interactively you would either type in Y (yes) or N (no). In anticipation of this happening I’d recommend pre-emptively answering no. This is why I run the echo command first. Basically I ran echo n and then piped that output (which would be the letter ‘n’) to following command of GPUpdate. Just an FYI, this will only answer no to one question. If GPUpdate asked multiple times to reboot then it will, using this example, hang waiting for an answer.

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Here are some other examples of GPUpdate commands:

Refresh all User and Computer policies and then reboot if necessary:

gpupdate /force /boot

Refresh only computer policies whose versions have changed since the last update:

gpupdate /target:computer

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