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PDQ Inventory Tools


Tools represent commands that can be run against individual computers or groups of computers. Some tools are built into PDQ Inventory and others are external.

Tools can be accessed using the Tools menu or by clicking on the tools button in the tool bar. See a full list of tools available in the Tools Library here.

Event ViewerOpens the event log on the target computer
Manage with MMCOpens the MMC computer management snap-in
PDQ DeployDeploys software to the target computer or group using PDQ Deploy
RebootReboots or shuts down the target computer
Remote AssistOpens the remote assist tool on the target computer
Remote CommandOpens the Remote Command Window to run commands on the target computer
Remote DesktopOpens the remote desktop tool on the target computer
VNCStarts VNC on the target computer. VNC must already be installed and configured
WakeSends a Wake-on-LAN packet to the selected computers. Requires that the computers have been scanned and their MAC address and IP address information is known

Custom Tools

Additional custom tools can be added for any command that can be run within Windows. PDQ Inventory will execute the tool and send in the computer’s name (or other information).

Enterprise Mode is required in order to use custom tools.
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