Build Types

Outside of our public release builds, you may encounter a Beta build or a Customer Version build. Please be assured that upon installation a backup is created and you can rollback to a previous version if needed.

Beta builds

Many of our products are available on a rolling public beta. We seek to have a fast development and turnaround cycle to get new features and bug fixes into the hands of our users. We will release betas of our software as often as possible so that users who wish to test new features, or simply be on the bleeding edge, can get access. Users who are more concerned about stability can continue to use only the public releases.

To access beta versions of an application, click on Options > Preferences > Alerts and click Auto Update Check Enabled. Once set, you will be notified when beta versions available to download.

You can also sign up for e-mail notifications of new beta versions.


Betas are pre-release and will most likely contain some bugs.  Please only install and use a beta if you understand that they may corrupt data or cause other problems. Use at your own risk!

Customer Version builds

We occasionally send out customer version builds to customers in order to fix a specific bug. These will come from our support staff and while we make every effort to ensure that they are bug free, these builds are generally made in order to address an ongoing issue as quickly as possible and as such haven’t been through a complete QA cycle. Thy do not carry the same risk as a beta when installing since they will contain few changes.

Database backups when installing

When any new version is installed, a backup of the database will be made before any changes are made to it for the new version, this includes Beta and Customer Version builds. The database for a Beta build is generally incompatible with older versions as are some Customer Version builds (though this is rare). If for any reason a new version corrupts or loses some data, it will be available to be restored. This restore may require some assistance from support, depending on the nature of the issue.

Rollback to a previous build

It is possible to rollback to a prior version if the Beta or Customer Version build causes issues. To do so, uninstall the Beta or Customer Version first before installing the older version to ensure that all files from the newer install are removed. If you experience any issues rolling back, please contact [email protected] immediately for assistance.