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PDQ Deploy
PDQ Inventory


PDQ Deploy

  • Ready-to-deploy applications
    (limited access)
  • Create single-step installations

PDQ Inventory

  • Track software & hardware
  • Basic groupings of computer info
  • Run reports
PDQ Deploy

  • Ready-to-deploy applications
    (full access)
  • Schedule deployments
  • Automate patch management
  • Create multi-step installations
    (scripts, file copies, reboots, messages...)
  • Shared database
yr, per admin
PDQ Inventory

  • Insanely detailed groupings of computer info
  • Schedule scans of computer data
  • Add computers based on Active Directory setup
  • Remotely uninstall software
  • Scan files and registries
  • Save and schedule reports
yr, per admin
Enterprise SL

  • Everything else in Enterprise
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions (admins) on a single server
  • Unlimited admin access to the CLI gives you the flexibility to develop a custom portal for end users and other non-admins
yr, per server

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