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Sysadmins love to share with other sysadmins — favorite tools, solutions to pesky problems, and rants about execs who refuse to install updates. Our customers are no different (except they’re the wisest, most successful of the bunch). Join our community spaces to get practical solutions, give product feedback, and meet other sysadmins.

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For over 9 years, we’ve hosted a live weekly webcast to cover everything from general IT skills — like basic network troubleshooting — to power user tips — like deploying printers (what a joy). We also drink whiskey.

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PDQ Discord

Whether you’re a long-time user or a total newb, the PDQ Discord server is the perfect way to connect with friendly, knowledgeable folks to get product help, attend lunch and learns, or just shoot the breeze. We’re just a bunch of sysadmins helping other sysadmins.

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Our subreddit is a community-run space for tips, tricks, tutorials, and support. We also post new releases, company news, and host an occasional AMA (aka “ask me anything”) with our stellar product team.

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We’re proud PowerShell nerds and love to bring in thought-leaders to help us perfect the best scripting language ever.

PDQ youtube

Our channel is chock full of step-by-step tutorials, Patch Tuesday remediation tips, and even a sysadmin musical!

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Every year, hundreds of sysadmins give us insights into their workstreams, stressors, and whether Han or Greedo shot first.