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Here at PDQ, we’re passionate about sysadmins — because we are sysadmins. Over the years, we’ve asked sysadmins just like you to provide insights into your daily lives. We hope you find the information useful!

Illustration of report
Illustration of report

2023 Survey results

Our 2023 State of Sysadmin is here! We surveyed over 1,000 IT pros to understand salaries, favorite tools, and cyber security trends. Check out the results!

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2023 Announcement Hero State of Sysadmin2023 Announcement Hero State of Sysadmin

2022 Survey results

The COVID-19 pandemic upended every aspect of our lives — and we’re all still adjusting. Learn how the sysadmin community coped in the midst of this upheaval.

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State of System Administration 2022State of System Administration 2022

2022 Sysadmin Salaries

Understand how your salary compares to the broader sysadmin community, including by industry and years of experience.

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2022 Sysadmin Salaries illustration2022 Sysadmin Salaries illustration

2022 Sysadmin toolbox

Discover the top tools sysadmins use to securely scale and monitor hundreds of devices across operating systems and locations.

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2022 State of sysadmin toolbox2022 State of sysadmin toolbox

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