Optimized IT operations to facilitate modern learning

Sysadmins in education organizations face a unique set of challenges. Distributed campuses, hybrid learning environments, and small budgets compound with perpetual understaffing. They need a better way to update entire labs, systems, and schools.

Student and teacher collaborating in a computer lab with other students
Student and teacher collaborating in a computer lab with other students
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Automate and secure

No more traveling from computer lab to computer lab with a USB stick. With PDQ’s Package Library of over 100 common applications, you can deploy or update software to hundreds of devices with just a few clicks.

Package Library v2Package Library v2
PDQ inventory managing multiple school departmentsPDQ inventory managing multiple school departments

Simplify asset tracking

Create custom collections of computers based on common physical location (like what school or computer lab they are in), hardware, or installed applications so updates go exactly where you need them.

Provide robust reports

Say goodbye to static spreadsheets that need to be manually updated. Use PDQ to view a report of a device’s stats in real time. Print, export, save, or email reports on a set schedule so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Illustration on PDQ reportsIllustration on PDQ reports

Hear from real PDQ customers

If I had to go back... I couldn’t do it. We would have to bring on several more people just to do what I do with PDQ.

Doug Ressler, Director of IT
University of Utah

For sysadmins, by sysadmins

We know that disruptions to your workflow can cancel class and throw off entire semesters. That’s why our team of former sysadmins has curated content to get you the answers you need quickly.

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