Streamlined IT operations you can take to the bank

IT professionals in the financial sector are playing a high-stakes game: How do you keep your company compliant and mitigate risks while ensuring employees are productive and customer data is secure? Sysadmins need a solution to take the guesswork out of endpoint management.


Fail-proof deployments

Financial institutions rely on quick resolutions to complex problems. With a Package Library of over 100 applications and in-depth error reporting, PDQ helps you fix issues before most users even notice.

Package Library v2Package Library v2

Painless patching

Too many sysadmins sacrifice their nights and weekends to install updates that would otherwise cause major disruptions. PDQ can help you reclaim your free time with scheduled deployments at a time that works for everyone.

Effortless compliance

In a highly regulated industry like finance, static spreadsheets won’t cut it. With PDQ, you can see device statuses in real time. Print, export, save, or email reports to quickly appease bosses and auditors alike.

Illustration of PDQ InventoryIllustration of PDQ Inventory

Tasks that took 10 hours per week are completely automated now, thanks to PDQ. I spend an hour or two scripting out updates, build a job, and then let PDQ do the rest.

Steven Brown, Network engineer
First Mid Bank and Trust

For sysadmins, by sysadmins

We know that keeping your devices functioning is more than just dollars and cents — it’s people’s livelihood. That’s why our team of former sysadmins curates resources to quickly get you the help you need.

2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side