2024 State of Sysadmin

As the legends foretold, sysadmins continue to boldly venture to distant lands. (The server room, if you were curious.) Having to do more with less, they bravely push onward with caution and care (and a newfound fear of AI) in their quest for functional IT. 

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Sysadmin salaries

The median salary range for sysadmins is between $75,000 and $99,999. But how might intrepid sysadmins earn more coin? According to our survey results, with experience comes a fuller satchel — most of the highest earners have 10+ years of experience. Of course, you could always take your worthy skills to a wealthier realm. The highest paid IT pros work in technology, healthcare, and professional services.

Money bag illustration Money bag illustration
IT concernsIT concerns

IT career concerns

Top IT industry concerns include security and increasing costs, though many write-in submissions mention AI. Read the rest of the report to learn what’s keeping your peers up at night — and helping them sleep like Bombur.

Your quest for IT security is only as strong as the weakest member of your fellowship — and alas, that includes end users. Luckily, you report conducting more frequent cybersecurity training this year than last. And that’s welcome news since nearly one-third of sysadmins surveyed report experiencing a cyberattack in the last 5 years. We wish you luck as you bolster your defenses.

Cybersecurity trendsCybersecurity trends
Team and budget shifts in 2024 Team and budget shifts in 2024

Team and budget shifts in 2024

How fares your fellowship on your quest for IT glory? Most respondents say their sysadmin teams are staying the same size or growing slightly this year. As for budgets, sysadmins in healthcare expect their team budgets to grow. Alas, many valiant sysadmins in education anticipate having to make do with fewer funds.

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