Seamless deployments
to keep supply chains smooth

The recent global pandemic sent shockwaves through most industries, and few were more impacted than manufacturers. Without the luxury of working from home, sysadmins need a way to enable this essential workforce across distributed warehouses and production plants.

Man wearing a hardhat working on a laptop in a factory
Man wearing a hardhat working on a laptop in a factory
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Onboard with ease

Device set-up can be a painful, soul-sucking process — especially when you have to do it for multiple warehouses and offices. But with PDQ, add a barebones PC image and connect with PDQ to deploy the rest with ease.

Illustration of deploy and inventory updating laptopsIllustration of deploy and inventory updating laptops
Illustration of a list of computers in a reportIllustration of a list of computers in a report

Update with a few clicks

Patching has never been easier. Create custom computer groupings based on common attributes — like location or hardware (or sync with Active Directory) — so you can find and fix out-of-date software before it becomes an issue.

Fix problems — fast

Global supply chains rely on robust systems and processes. A malfunctioning device can jeopardize that. PDQ provides rich information that enables you to diagnose and solve a myriad of issues in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Illustration on PDQ reportsIllustration on PDQ reports

PDQ saves me so much time. We literally would not get everything done in a reasonable amount of time without it.

Eric Stoick and Jordan Ekern
Falcon Plastics

For sysadmins, by sysadmins

Properly functioning devices can make the difference between meeting or missing production schedules. That’s why our team of former sysadmins has curated resources to quickly get you the help you need.

2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side