Highly-targeted deployments to aid mission-focused work

Nonprofits pose a unique challenge to IT professionals: How do you keep both employees and volunteers safe, secure, and productive while keeping overhead costs low? With limited time and resources, sysadmins need a solution that helps them make a difference.

Woman helping a child use a computer
Woman helping a child use a computer

Onboard with ease

Device set-up can be a painful, soul-sucking process — especially when you have to do it for multiple warehouses and offices. But with PDQ, add a barebones PC image and connect with PDQ to deploy the rest with ease.

Illustration of a list of computersIllustration of a list of computers
Illustration of PDQ InventoryIllustration of PDQ Inventory

Report and review

Do you have an audit or accreditation coming up? PDQ has built-in and custom reporting functionality to help you ace your assessment. Print, export, or email your reports on a set schedule. Compliance has never been easier.

Deploy and empower

With our Package Library, over 100 popular, up-to-date applications are ready for you to download and silently deploy. Not finding the software you need? No problem. Building and automating your own custom package is easy.

Package Library v2Package Library v2

PDQ makes setting up a computer from scratch so simple. I installed MS Office, Chrome, Firefox, and an antivirus on an old computer all in 2 minutes. That alone saves you an hour and a half.

Carl Raesly, IT support

For sysadmins, by sysadmins

We know device issues can be a major distraction from the important work your organization does. That’s why our team of former sysadmins curates resources to quickly get you the help you need.

2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side2 PDQ employee headshots side-by-side

We ❤ nonprofits

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