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“How to Lose Your PDQ in 10 Days”

Alyssa WinslowAlyssa Winslow

The PDQ 10

(Pudgy, Donut, and something else clever with a Q)

You might be wondering what PDQ 10 is? I’ll say this…we’re not referring to a past version of our software or future software release. Simply put, it is the inability to resist the endless supply of candy bars, soda pop, and other snacks so readily available in our break room…the break room we like to call our, “7-Eleven.” PDQ 10 is the direct result of our overindulgence in this fantastic perk, and we’ve begun referring to ‘PDQ 10’ as the, ‘not so fantastic’ perk associated with the unsuspecting pounds we each tend to gain when we start working at PDQ.com.

With that said, some of our employees decided to make some personal health changes and lose the ‘PDQ 10.’ We applaud their pro-health movement and want to share some of their health-conscious choices with you. If you can avoid gaining the PDQ 10 at your office or at home, then it’s a win for everyone!


Many of our employees are joining the ranks of other pro-health enthusiasts who participate in the Ketogenic Diet. This diet is all about lowering your carbohydrate intake and increasing your fat intake in order to persuade your body to use its fat as a form of energy. Researchers have found that after seven days on this eating plan, your body goes into a state of Ketosis, meaning it doesn’t have enough carbs to use for energy so then it starts making ketones and begins using those in place of the carbs. As a result, you burn fat faster.  Our employees who use Keto as an eating plan have lost a remarkable amount of weight and continue to pursue healthier lifestyles. Our PDQ.com breakroom now stocks Keto conscience snacks and other alternatives.

Check out what Keto favs our staff are choosing:

Jason H. (Enterprise Engineer)  – His favorite Keto snack includes pepperoni or salami served with cream cheese. Since starting Keto, he’s lost close to 100 lbs.

Jon R. (Web Development) – Recently hopped on the Keto bandwagon and his favorite snack includes Hotdogs. He hasn’t lost any weight yet but does frequent resistance training to try and build muscle mass.

Jason N. (QA Team) – Started Keto nearly one year ago and his favorite snack is baked cheese. He’s lost close to 25 lbs since beginning his Keto journey.

Jordan H. (QA Team) – Jordan’s favorite Keto snack is Vanilla Fat Bombs (bite-sized snacks that are mainly cream cheese, vanilla, and no-calorie sweetener) and has lost close to 50 lbs since starting Keto.

Chris J. (Solutions) – His favorite Keto treats are coffee or cheese.

Fresh Produce

I mentioned earlier that we had an endless supply of candy bars and soda, but since our founders’ and many other of our employees’ recent pro-health decisions, our company supplies our 7-Eleven with more fresh fruit and vegetables. Now, you can always find non-processed snacks when venturing into the break room for a late afternoon bite. We also have the option of snacking on nuts and cheese as a healthier option to chocolate and donuts. Healthy yogurt choices, protein shakes, and bars offer another way to satisfy our need to snack.

Our Founders also create an awesome place to work by providing fresh produce at every catered lunch. Each day during lunch we have a choice between a fresh fruit or vegetable tray. We know that not every business can offer catered lunches on a daily basis, so in that case plan ahead and bring something fresh with you to work. We recommend a good apple, some carrots, or sliced peppers.

After talking to a few of our employee’s here are a list of the things they choose to snack on instead of something sugary and sweet.

“To Eat or Not to Eat, That is the Question?”

Lisa D. (Marketing Team) – Lisa likes to snack on red and green peppers, and carrots. When she has the afternoon munchies, rather than eat pre-packaged processed snacks she goes for almonds and cashews. She sticks to the 90/10 rule, meaning she allows herself a treat 10% of the time because life is too short and she has a huge sweet tooth. The one and only treat we have in the PDQ 7-Eleven that she can’t resist is Utah’s own Mint Chocolate Truffles. She also doesn’t drink her calories and sticks with water and black coffee.

Whitney S. (Administrative Team) – Right now she likes to snack on berries and whipped cream.  She’s also a big fan of nuts, hummus, and anything high in protein and low in sugar.

Shawn A. (CEO/Co-Founder) – When I asked Shawn about his healthier eating habits he stated, “I’m happy to share what I’ve been taught and what I know to be true, even though the candy and chips call to me, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, letting me know that I always have a friend who will understand…” When Shawn doesn’t cave and listen to those sweet nothings, he likes to snack on cashews and beef jerky.

Company Gym

Our in-office gym is also new to the PDQ.com team. Employees are free to use the gym anytime except for during personal training sessions. The founders felt inclined to include a wide variety of exercise equipment.  The gym is fully equipped with weights, cardio machines, dumbbells, mats, cattle weights, exercise balls, and probably a bunch of other things I don’t know the names of. It’s great and definitely helps promote healthier choices and habits.

Additionally, another cool company perk includes scheduling training time with the company’s personal trainer. Paul demonstrates helpful exercises you can do either at the gym or at home.

We talked with three of our employee’s and here are a few of their favorite gym and at home workouts, why not try a few?

JJ B. (Marketing Team) – He jokingly said his favorite at home work out routine involves his hand in a chip bag…which then is lifted to his mouth. JJ’s actual exercise routine is theater (if you clicked the link and are wondering where to find JJ…he’s the second studly dancer from the right).  

Stephanie W. (Marketing Team) – A lot of the things she does at home are kettlebell style workouts, resistance band workouts, and sliding plates for things like mountain climbers and yoga classes on demand. She also runs occasionally and now that it is winter, she snowboards at least two times a week.

Rene D. (Sales Team) – She likes to move it, move it by doing Zumba. She is also a fan of cardio routines involving the treadmill and rowing machine.

Bye Bye PDQ 10

We hope this post helped inspire and motivate you to create a more healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Obviously, life is all about balance so incorporating just a few of these tips or maybe even just one, can get you started in the right direction. And heck we still believe in satisfying your sweet tooth, just remember portion control and moderation. It’s definitely a good idea to stick to a balanced diet which should include a good amount of protein and fresh produce.

If you need to lose some pounds, research the Ketogenic diet and see if it’s something that will work for you. Talking to a health professional or dietitian may also be recommended.

Lastly, don’t forget to include some kind of daily physical activity in your normal routine. This could be as simple as taking a walk around your building during lunch or setting a timer on your phone to remind to you stand up and stretch every now and then. Good luck! You got this, it’s only a matter of time before you’re the new swimsuit model at your office!

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