One Million Package Library Downloads

Businesses around the world have downloaded over 1 million packages from the Package Library since its debut in 2012. We’re stoked to see so many system administrators using PDQ Deploy to silently deploy software and scripts. It’s even more exciting to see these ready-to-deploy packages saving sys admins hours of work.

1 million packages


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By the Numbers

Downloads for top 10 most downloaded deployment packages:

  1. Adobe Flash: 96,992
  2. Adobe Flash for IE: 73,835
  3. Google Chrome Enterprise: 60,494
  4. Adobe Flash (All IE): 55,827
  5. Mozilla Firefox: 44,569
  6. Java 8: 26,807
  7. Google Chrome Enterprise (64-bit): 24,767
  8. Adobe AIR: 24,767
  9. Adobe Reader XI: 22,795
  10. Skype: 22,095

FAQs about the Package Library

How quickly are packages updated when a new version comes out?

Short answer, within 24 hours of a new release. Some applications make take longer if the application is a lower priority. For example, a Flash critical patch would have higher priority over a non-critical update of a lesser known application.

What Mode of PDQ Deploy Do I Need to use the Package Library?

There are a few packages available in Free mode, but the majority of packages can be accessed in a Pro or Enterprise mode license. You can see which applications are available here.

Do You Test Your Deployment Packages?

Of course. What kind of shop do you think we run? However, we still recommend doing small scale deployments as environments can vary widely. While we’re very confident of our deployment packages, we can’t speak for the various application vendors. Make sure your computers are compatible with the latest updates before deploying.

Can I Make Changes/Customizations to Packages?

Go nuts! Just remember, any changes you make to current packages will not be reflected in new updates to packages. You can also create your own packages. You aren’t limited to what we have in the library.

Try out the Package Library, try any three applications free for 14 days:

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