We Dropped the Ball: Performance Improvements Forthcoming

Here at PDQ, we recognize that the performance of both Deploy and Inventory has not been up to par. In a nutshell, we’ve dropped the ball.

Office Space performance meme

In the upcoming weeks and months, our focus will be on improving speed. We’ve already added improvements in the release of PDQ Inventory 15 and will continue to improve with each release. We thank you for your patience.

What happened?

These performance issues were introduced with the Central Server. The sheer volume of coding and testing needed for the feature was more than we anticipated and there were items that fell through the cracks. We’ve restructured our internal QA department and processes to ensure that performance is tested earlier and more rigorously.

Please note that the performance issues are not a result of the recent hardware vulnerabilities (Meltdown, Spectre, or INTEL-SA-00086) making the news.


As we can see here, there are some things in life that are better in slow motion; PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory are not those things.

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