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Schedule Software Deployments

PDQ Deploy provides a number of ways to schedule software deployments of one or more packages. This gives you the freedom to deploy software at your convenience, even when out of the office. Schedules are also used with Auto Deployments, which automatically deploys the newest version of a package from the Package Library. Avoid the late nights, set a schedule, and start enjoying the good life.

Some possible scheduling scenarios include:

  • Once in the future, such as tonight at 10:00 pm.

  • Daily at the same time.

  • Monthly, such as the 5th or 10th or even the 1st Monday.

  • Heartbeat trigger, when computers go from offline to online in PDQ Inventory.

For more detailed information about schedules, click here.

Licensing Requirements

  • Free mode: No access.

  • Enterprise mode: Unlimited access. (Heartbeat trigger requires PDQ Inventory.)

  • Enterprise Trial mode: Unlimited access during the trial period. (Heartbeat trigger requires PDQ Inventory.)

Video – How to schedule a deployment

Watch Shane demonstrate how easy schedules are to use.
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