Getting Started with PDQ Deploy…What Would You Like To Do First?

PDQ Deploy makes it easy to deploy just about any application. You have two options for deploying software.

Create Your Own Package

Ready to silently install an application? Here’s how:

  1. Go to File > New Package or click the new package button. This will open a window for you to set up your properties for your package and a name.
    getting started with pdq deploy package properties
  2. Click on the Install Step. Be sure to include the install file (usually an EXE or MSI) and any additional files that may be required for a successful install. If there are multiple files, be sure to include those in the Additional Files section and/or check the Include Entire Directory option.
    install step
  3. Silent parameters? With an install step you may need to specify silent parameters in order for the installation to run silently and successfully install. Need help finding silent parameters? Check out this link for tips on getting the right parameters for your install.
  4. Save your deployment and exit. By default your package will show up in the left tree under Packages. Highlight your package and click the Deploy button in the right corner. In this window you’ll be able to add targets using Active Directory, PDQ Inventory, Spiceworks, etc.
    select targets
  5. Once you have your target(s) selected, hit Deploy Now. You’re done! Congrats on a deployment well done.

Do More Than Just Install…

You can also build your own packages to deploy an application, run a command, send a message, or restart machines to any of your target Windows computers…or do all of the above with a multi-step package. To use multiple steps you’ll need a Pro or Enterprise level license, get a free 14 day trial below.
deployment steps
Try PDQ Deploy

Skip Building Deployments and Just Deploy!

PDQ Deploy Package Library

The Package Library includes over a hundred popular applications and runtimes tested and ready to silently install on your target computers. Packages are offered in three tiers: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. See what packages are available and on which level deployment packages can be accessed here.

Check out options for setting up Auto Deployments, scheduling, and getting deployments to offline machines.

See something you like? Try it free with a 14 day trial Enterprise license.

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